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Mokka Bean Coffee


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Experience the rich flavors and ethical sourcing of this exceptional Fair Trade and Organic blend of coffees from two of Costa Rica's most renowned coffee regions, Tarrazu and the West Valley. The Tarrazu region is known for its volcanic soil and high altitudes, which produce beans with a bright, acidity and complex flavor. The West Valley is known for its lower altitudes and richer soil, which produce beans with a fuller body and more chocolatey flavor.

  • Balanced Flavor Profile: Chocolate and toffee notes with a bit of brightness, and hints of blackberry, cherry and grape candy.
  • Sustainable & Fair Trade: Support ethical farming practices and empower communities with every purchase.
  • High-Quality Arabica: Savor the taste of meticulously hand-picked and sun-dried Arabica beans, showcasing the best of Costa Ricans coffee.


Tasting Notes: Sweet and Bright, Chocolate, Toffee, Cherry, Blackberry, Grape Candy 

Roast Level: Medium

Acidity: Medium


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