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Mokka Bean Coffee


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One of our favorite coffees, very rich and smooth. Nice full body, nice sweetness and malty. A great example of premium Panamanian coffee. Very highly rated. Perfect for in every way drip, pourover, french press. 

The Finca Dona Chela farm is owned by the Chela family, who have been farming coffee in the Boquete region for over 50 years. The family is committed to sustainable farming practices and has a strong focus on quality. The coffee is grown on their 250 acre farm, which is home to over 100,000 coffee trees. The coffee is hand-picked and processed using the fully washed method. The fully washed method is a process that removes the coffee cherry from the coffee bean and then washes the bean to remove any remaining pulp or mucilage. This process results in a clean, flavorful coffee.

Tasting Notes: Semi-Sweet, Malty, Caramel 

Roast Level: Medium

Acidity: Low
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